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    介绍自己作文|介绍自己 英语作文

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    小朋友,你们知道吗?我是一个很特别的人话题作文大全,不信,我给大家说说。Children, do you know? I\m a very special person. I don\t believe it. Let me tell you something.我叫杨淇,今年8岁,上小学二年级,是一个虎头虎脑的小男孩儿话题作文大全,还长着一双会说话的大眼睛。我爱唱爱跳更爱笑,是个快乐的小天使。My name is Yang Qi. I\m 8 years old. I\m in the second grade of primary school. I\m a tiger Headed Boy with big eyes that can talk. I love singing, dancing and laughing. I\m a happy little angel.我爱看书,爷爷读过两百多本书,也常常被我问得晕头转向。I love reading. My grandfather has read more than 200 books and is often confused by my questions.我爱练字,老师天天夸我的字写得好。爸爸常常拿我的字当字贴。I love to practice calligraphy. My teacher praises my handwriting every day. Dad often uses my words as stickers.我爱学习。我们班的丁丁学习很好话题作文大全,冬冬说他是我们班学习最好的初中作文,可是,丁丁和我一比,他就输了。I love learning. Ding Ding of our class studies very well. Dong Dong says that he is the best student in our class. However, when Ding is compared with me, he loses.当然,我也有缺点,但我会改正的。Of course, I have shortcomings, but I will correct them.小朋友,你能介绍一下自己吗?Children, can you introduce yourself?
    高中作文经典素材 话题作文大全 七夕作文

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