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    《随你问》读后感作文|《随你问》读后感 英语作文

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    我看的这本书名叫《随你问》。The book I read is called "ask as you please".本书讲了许多人们难以解开的谜团。比如说:为什么计算机又称电脑?人脑和电脑能不能相连?什么是蓝牙技术?未来盖房子的材料是什么?This book tells many mysteries that people can\t solve. For example: why is computer also called computer? Can human brain and computer be connected? What is Bluetooth technology? What are the materials for building houses in the future?正是这一连串的疑问吸引我读完了这本书。其实,我们每一个人都是在疑问中长大的。有时小学生游记作文,一张彩纸小学作文,一块橡皮都能引起我们无限的好奇小学生游记作文,也能激发我们强烈的求知欲望。It was this series of questions that attracted me to finish reading the book. In fact, each of us grew up in doubt. Sometimes, a piece of colored paper or a piece of rubber can arouse our infinite curiosity and strong desire for knowledge.从中,我受到了一个启发:只要好好学习小学生游记作文,探索世界奥妙,就能解开我们心中的一个个谜团。From this, I was inspired by the idea that as long as we study hard and explore the mysteries of the world, we can solve the my
    母爱的作文 相信自己作文 小学生游记作文

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