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  • 看电影作文|看电影 英语作文

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    天下其他作文,我们班和二(二)班、二(一)班一同到六楼去看《白鼠嫁黑鼠》的电影。This afternoon, our class and class two (two) and class two (one) went to the sixth floor to see the movie "the white mouse marries the black mouse".同学们坐得整整齐齐,看得津津有味。The students sat neatly and watched with interest.那只黑鼠真笨未来的房子作文,它把白粉涂在自己的黑毛上,那怎么行呢?后来被夹子夹住了,粉变成石头破了未来的房子作文,可怜的黑鼠死了。That black mouse is so stupid. It spreads white powder on its black hair. How can it do? Later, he was caught by a clamp. The powder turned to stone and broke. Poor black mouse died.看了这部电影告诉我们不要片面追求外表的美观。Watching this movie tells us not to pursue the beauty of appearance one sidedly
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