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  • 快乐的一天作文|快乐的一天 英语作文

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    当天边刚刚露出鱼肚白的时候,楼下街道上的叫卖声就此起彼伏了我爱大海作文,卖麻籽果”,卖大馒头”,卖糯米饭”。。。。。。我在睡梦中被这些叫卖声吵醒,于是新的一天又拉开了序幕。When the sky just showed the white belly of fish, the peddlers on the street downstairs came up one after another, "selling hemp seeds and fruits", "selling big steamed bread", "selling glutinous rice rice"...... I was awakened in my sleep by these cries, and the new day began again.急匆匆的吃完早餐,妈妈就送我去学英语兴趣班了,走到半路,突然下起了毛毛细雨,幸亏妈妈包里有雨伞我爱大海作文,要不然的话我们都要被淋了。今天的英语学得真轻松,因为在家里的时候妈妈已经帮我预习了新课,所以我的表现特好,别人才拿四张卡,我居然拿了八张,我可高兴了,回到家还特意发了短信给远在外地的爸爸,让他一起分享我的喜悦。After breakfast in a hurry, my mother took me to study English interest class. On the way, it rained a drizzle. Fortunately, my mother had an umbrella in her bag, otherwise we would all be drenched. Today\s English learning is really easy, because at home, my mother has helped me preview the new class, so my performance is very good, others only take four cards, I actually took eight, I am very happy, I also specially sent a text message to my father far away from home, let him share my joy together.吃完中饭,妈妈说好久都没有去看望奶奶了,于是我们提着奶奶喜欢吃的水果去奶奶家了,奶奶看到我们去可高兴了初中作文,回来的时候还拿了东西给我吃呢!After lunch, my mother said that she hadn\t visited grandma for a long time, so we went to grandma\s house with the fruit that grandma likes. Grandma was so happy to see us go. When she came back, she brought me something to eat!由于我今天的表现优秀,妈妈为了奖励我,晚上就带我去欧客斯吃汉堡包了,我可高兴了。Thanks to my excellent performance today, my mother, in order to reward me, took me to Oakes for hamburger in the evening. I\m very happy.今天的我很充实,也很快乐!Today I am very full and happy!
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