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  • fx高考英语作文常用语

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    put one’s heart into…专心于;致力于

    be interested in …

    be fond of

    like chemistry best

    be good at …; be poor at …; do well in …; be weak in …

    make progress in …; fail in …’ be tired of …’

    pass the examination; give sb. a passing grade;

    major in history 主修历史

    He has the best record in school. 他的成绩最棒,高考英语作文常用语。

    get a doctor’s degree 获得博士学位

    be more interesting to sb.

    learn about; succeed in…; be active in class (work);

    take an active part in …; learn… by heart;

    work out a (maths) problem; improve oneself in …;

    get 90 marks for (English); get an “A” in the exam;

    have a good command of…

    lay a good foundation in (language study)


    get on well with sb; like to be with students;

    be gentle with us; be kind to sb;

    be a strict teacher; be strict with one’s pupils;

    be strict in work

    We think of him (her) as …; help sb with sth;

    praise sb for sth …; blame sb for sth..

    give advice on …; question sb on …

    be satisfied with …

    correct the students’ homework carefully and prepare for the next day; give sb a lot of work;

    try to teach sb good study habits; make one’s lessons lively and interesting; teach sb. sth.;

    teach sb to do sth.

    devote all one’s time to work;

    admire (sb.for) his devotion to the cause of education



    spend one’s time in many different ways;

    enjoy doing things by oneself; go swimming;

    go for an outing; have an outing at (the seashore);

    see the sights of Beijing; play the piano (violin);

    play chess (basketball); have a swim;

    have dances on weekends; have a picnic over the weekend;

    go to the cinema; have a party; hold a sports meeting;

    do some reading; help sb do sth; enjoy a family trip;

    get everything ready for;

    ride one’s bike with sb.to(the park);

    There are a lot of activities at (the beach).

    We enjoy a change from our busy life in the city.

    She would like to bring sth. to the picnic.

    It was a very relaxing Sunday.

    There are good programmes on TV on weekends.


    take a message for sb; send a message to sb;

    hear from sb; talk about/of sth; tell sb to do sth;

    get information about…;

    express one’s idea (feelings) in English用英语表达一个人的'思想(感情);

    Write sb a letter saying…给某人写信说... , apologize to sb for…

    thank you for …; make a speech t at the meeting;

    explain sth to s; look upon sb as …; think sb to be …;

    take sb’s side


    would like to do; allow sb to do;

    keep sb from doing (prevent sb. from doing);

    call on sb to do; be afraid to do (be afraid of …);

    fee like doing; insist on doing; drive sb. off;

    speak highly of sb; speak ill of sb; think highly of sb;

    force sb to do; offer to do; refuse to do; agree to do;

    regret doing;

    prefer to do A rather than do B; had better do;

    would rather (not) do.


    have the habit of doing…; have no trouble doing;

    make up one’s mind to do;

    prepare sb for …; give up doing…; do sth as usual;

    do what he wants us to do; set about doing;

    try one’s best to do…=go all out to do;

    get into trouble; help sb out; do one’s bit for New China;

    wait for sb to do; find a way to do; make friends with sb;

    show (tell) sb. how to do…; take (send) sb to …;

    I’m trying to find…;

    I’m afraid we are out of …;

    pass the time doing; feel a little excited about doing…;

    can’t help doing…; do some good deeds to people;

    be prepared for more hard work;

    Some are doing A, others are doing B, and still others are doing C.


    look around for …; look up (down) at …; catch sight of …;

    take a look at …; hear sb do (doing); take notice of …;

    take view of …; have a good understanding of …;

    consider sb (sth) to be …; come to know…;

    realize that …; know that +从句


    be pleased with …; be delighted in doing…;

    take a pleasure in doing; be worried about;

    feel surprised at …

    be sorry for …; be angry with sb for sth;

    be angry about …(为某事生气);

    look forward to doing…; wish to do; expect to do;

    long for (long to do); be sick for one’s home;

    have a strong desire to do …;


    be in good shape; be in good (poor )health;

    feel weak (well, terrible, sick); have got a high (slight ) fever;

    have a slight (bad) cold; take one’s temperature;

    have got a pain in …; be good (bad) for one’s health(eyes);

    It’s nothing serious. stay in bed until…; save one’s life


    It (take)sb. some time to do…; It is said that …;

    be fit for; be short of; be well dressed;

    miss the lecture (train); change…into…;

    waste time doing; spend time doing; be busy doing;

    have no choice but to do; I can’t help it. be in need of…;

    be mistaken about …; fall behind…; catch up with;

    on behalf of; instead of; be welcome to do…;

    Running, biking and swimming are popular in summer.

    Skiing and skating are my favorite winter sports.


    You letter came to me this morning.

    I have received your letter of July the 20th.

    I’m writing to you about the lecture to be given next Monday.

    I’m writing to ask if you can come next week.

    How time flies! It’s three months since I saw you last.

    Thank you for your letter.

    In reply to your letter about (the exhibition this year)…;

    Let me tell you that…


    Please remember me to your whole family.

    Give my best regards (wishes) to your mother.

    Best wishes.

    With love.

    Wish you a pleasant journey.

    Wish you success. Wish you the best of health. (luck)

    Looking forward to your next visit to China.

    Looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you.

    Expecting to hear from you as soon as possible.


    Go down this street

    Turn night/left at the first crossing

    It’s about…meters from here

    You can’t miss it

    In front of behind at/a the corner(不用in)

    Pass two blocks


    ⑴A large number of visitors come here

    ⑵There are lots of visitors coming here every day

    ⑶Many people visit here every day

    ⑷A lot of people pay a visit here every day

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